Enric Solé-Farré

Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics

University College London & Imperial College London

I'm a Ph.D. student at University College London and Imperial College London, under a co-supervision of Lorenzo Foscolo (University College London / Sapienza University of Rome) and Sir Simon Donaldson (Imperial College).

My research interest focuses on the interplay between differential geometry and topology and physical theories. I mainly focus on higher-dimensional gauge theory and special holonomy. I am currently working in the study of objects with conical singularities, and their moduli space.

Academic talks

Date Title Event
11th January, 2024 Cohomogeneity one - From PDEs to groups and ODEs UCL Postgraduate Seminar
20th December, 2023 Cohomogeneity one - From PDEs to groups and ODEs SIMBa Barcelona
27th October, 2023 An invitation to (topological) K-theory Imperial Junior Geometry Seminar
23rd October, 2023 What is a harmonic form? UCL/KCL Junior Geometry Seminar
7th June, 2023 Deformations of G_2-instantons on Sasaki-Einstein and 3-Sasaki manifolds Geometry Seminar, Univeristy of Hamburg
26th April, 2023 Deformations of G_2-instantons on S^7 Topology Seminar, Univeristy of Aberdeen
5th December, 2022 Geometry and holonomy of cones UCL/KCL Junior Geometry Seminar
2nd December, 2022 Morse theory and Poincaré conjecture Imperial Junior Geometry Seminar
28th July, 2022 Mathematical applications of Gauge Theory Geometry, Representation theory and Physics
10th March, 2022 Introduction to G-structures UCL/KCL Junior Geometry Seminar
22nd September, 2021 Instantons and foliations LMU Geometry Seminar

Organised academic events and seminars

Date Event type Title
8th - 12th July, 2024 Workshop BIGW V: Mathematical General Relativity
10th June 2024 Symposium Symmetries in Riemannian Geometry
September 2023 - June 2024 Seminar UCL/KCL Junior Geometry Seminar
30th August-1st September, 2023 Workshop Queer In Number theory and Geometry (QuING)
3rd - 7th July, 2023 Workshop BIGW IV: Geometric flows and related topics
11th November, 2022 Conference Oxford-London Gauge Assembly (OLGA) 2022
October-December, 2022 Seminar LSGNT Lunch Seminar
21st - 24th June, 2022 Conference Ealry Career Researchers in Mathematics (ECRM) 2022

Teaching Positions

Date Role University Course
SuSe 2024 TA UCL Newtonian Mechanics
SuSe 2024 TA KCL Complex Analysis
SuSe 2024 TA KCL Geometry of surfaces
WiSe 2023 TA UCL Complex Analysis
WiSe 2023 Marker KCL Calculus I
WiSe 2023 TA KCL Manifolds
SuSe 2023 TA KCL Geometry of surfaces
SuSe 2023 TA UCL Newtonian Mechanics
WiSe 2022 TA UCL Fluid Mechanics
WiSe 2022 Marker UCL General Relativity
WiSe 2022 TA KCL Manifolds
SuSe 2022 TA KCL Geometry of surfaces
SuSe 2022 TA KCL Introductory Quantum Theory
SuSe 2021 TA LMU Mathematical Gauge Theory
SuSe 2021 Marker LMU Partial Differential Equations II
WiSe 2020 TA LMU Topology I
WiSe 2020 Marker LMU Partial Differential Equations I


Title Description Link
"What if we lived in a Pringle crisp?" Video of the sciene outreach event Bcnspiracy 2020 (in Catalan with Spanish subtitles) Link
Morse theory: a microlocal perspective My undergraduate thesis in mathematics, on rederiving the Morse inequalities using the theory of microsupport Link
Exact WKB and resurgence in Quantum Mechanics My undergraduate thesis in physics, on non-perturbative effects in quantum mechanincs Link